About The Travelers

Hi there! My partner, Jason, and I are explorers in search of the world’s tastiest food.

We also love to sing, so that’s where the website name came from!

We share our experiences and the fascinating facts I learn about cuisine from around the world; while some say that variety is the “spice of life”, I’m in search of the literal spices that people use to flavor their food from all over the world.

The Adventure Begins

This quest began when I learned about the history of a pineapple.

Apparently, pineapples used to be so expensive that people used to RENT them in order to show off how wealthy they were! It used to cost a lot of money to source them from tropical climates they need to grow and take them back to Spain, which is where this originated. They’re my favorite fruit, so I was fascinated by this fact.

Discovering Stories

Through my travels, I also heard stories that were hard to swallow. For example, the rising popularity of the so-called “superfoods” also made made them more expensive–leading to the concern that many locals in places who once depended on this grain for their everyday meals might have trouble affording it. There is far more to the story than that, and I aim to explore it all!

Why do we travel?

We travel the world in search of these stories and the cuisine that shapes the world.